Marimba Dance Band

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Joyful dance music in genres ranging from Latin to Gypsy, Disco to Techno, Funk to House with a bit of Jazz and Swing thrown in… This 5 piece gets your boody movin’! 

Nizami consists of marimba players Zaia Kendall, Nikki Berry and Michelle Dorendahl, with Gary Ward on Bass and Robbie Amhaz on kit.

Marimbas are happy and warm sounding instruments and the driving, upbeat rhythms cannot help but get your feet moving. This original, high energy, joyful music will make you dance and smile for hours! Come and be Nizami with us!

nizami is used to describe all the awesomeness ppl in the world… people with the brains and the beauty… people who are different… in other words unique… people who stand up for whats right… people who don’t care what other people think… people who are just… awesome…

Urban Dictionary
Some rehearsal snapshots from the (unfinished) straw bale studio in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland


Nizami plays original music and due to their love of all things dance, they mix up the genres to include Latin, Gypsy, House, Techno, Disco, Funk, Swing, African, Trance and more.

Our 3 marimba players played together in Kkarimba, a community marimba band led by Linsey Pollak and later by Zaia. Zaia also played in Jambezi and has been the percussion leader of the Woodford Festival orchestra since 2014, featuring the marimba in the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival. Nizami’s music is primarily written by Zaia, with pieces by Linsey Pollak also included. Bass player Gary Ward is an accomplished and established musician on the Sunshine Coast, playing with bands such as Dave Flower Band and other local artists. Robbie Amhaz is a lifelong drummer, playing with local bands such as the Sunny Coast Rude Boys and the Rumbrellas.




29 May 2020
Debut performance
Pomona Majestic Theatre
6.00pm for food
7.00pm start
$20/$15 at door
Food and drink available