Joyful & energetic original world dance fusion!

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Nizami performing at the Kin Kin Markets September 2022.

Nizami combines EDM beats with high energy percussive world fusion creating a forest of sounds to feast your ears and move your feet to! Marimbas are happy and warm sounding instruments and the driving, high energy upbeat rhythms will make you feel the joy, shake your booty and put a smile on your face!

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Listen to Nizami’s self titled debut album below

nizami is used to describe all the awesomeness ppl in the world… people with the brains and the beauty… people who are different… in other words unique… people who stand up for whats right… people who don’t care what other people think… people who are just… awesome…

Urban Dictionary
Flow, from our self titled debut album, with special guest violinist Shenzo Gregorio!


Nizami plays original music and due to their love of all things dance, they mix up the genres to include Latin, Gypsy, House, Techno, Disco, Funk, Swing, African, Trance and more!

Will (also known as Zaia) played in popular marimba dance band Jambezi and is the percussion leader of the Woodford Festival orchestra since 2014, featuring the marimba in the opening and closing ceremonies.  She has played in a number of community percussion bands and community music remains a favourite pass time. Will has been involved in multiple musical projects involving rhythmic and melodic percussion and has recorded several albums, both solo and with a number of groups. She composes original music with an emphasis on uplifting dance beats.

Michelle played predominantly tuned percussion (glockenspiel, xylophone, timpani drums) from the age of nine in the school concert band, becoming Head Percussionist in Year 12. She participated in the Australian Academy of Music’s annual Queensland Festival of Music throughout that time, where her school concert band often won awards, including best percussion section. Michelle discovered KKarimba in 2012 and met and played with Will for a number of years.

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As well as playing as a trio, Nizami can also pull in session musicians if desired.



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