Farewell Nikki, Welcome Metta!

Nikki had to leave Nizami early 2023 due to some personal issues. Thank you for the years of play Nikki!

We are very blessed to have Metta join us this year! We are currently still rehearsing and have had to postpone any gigs for the first half of the year, so that when we re-appear we will amp it up! We look forward to dancing with you in the second half of this year!

Published by Zaia

Zaia is a musician, homesteader, permaculturist and sustainability advocate. She and husband Tom run permaculture designed Kendall Permaculture Farm on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and the not for profit organisation PermEco Inc. They train and teach people permaculture and self reliance. Zaia is a percussionist and is involved in various musical projects, including community music projects which she is passionate about. She writes about life on the farm and manages PermEco Inc's administration.

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