Joyful & energetic world dance fusion!

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Playing original world dance fusion in a range of genres like Latin, Gypsy, Disco, Techno and more, Nizami’s high energy and happy music will make you dance and smile for hours!

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Joyful & energetic original world dance fusion in a range of genres creates a forest of sounds to feast your ears and move your feet to! Marimbas are happy and warm sounding instruments and the driving, upbeat rhythms will get you moving. This high energy dance music will make you move and puts a smile on your face!


Nizami consists of marimba players & percussionists Zaia Kendall, Nikki Berry and Michelle Dörendahl. Nizami combines the uplifting, high energy feel of melodic percussion with dance beats, resulting in a fusion of world and electronic dance. The aim is to bring joy and happiness to all through music and dance, through a fusion of acoustic instruments with heavy electronic beats.

Nizami also plays with a kit drummer or as a full band.


Nizami’s Nikki, Zaia and Misha initially played together in a community marimba band and have extensive percussion experience. Zaia also played in popular marimba dance band Jambezi and is the percussion leader of the Woodford Festival orchestra since 2014. Bass player Gary Ward is an accomplished and established musician, playing with a number of local bands. Drummer Duncan MacQueen’s 50+ year musical career took him from Melbourne’s Jazz & Rock scene via Asia and London to the USA and back. Brian C. is a composer, audio engineer and multi instrumentalist, and plays in a number of Australian Funk, Rock and World Music bands.

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Click here for trio stage plot.

Click here for trio plus kit stage plot.

Click here for full band stage plot.

Click here for Tech Rider.

To contact us for more information or to book, please email us at hello@nizami.band or fill out the form below:

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