Hitty Hitty Bang Bang!

Hitty Hitty Bang Bang Marimba workshops for schools

Hitty Hitty Bang Bang! is a marimba project that combines a marimba performance with hands on workshops for kids and adults.

Members from marimba band Nizami perform for 20-30 minutes to inspire and show what three people playing marimba can do. Sometimes the whole band might perform which will show how bass guitar and drum kit merge with the marimbas. All music played is uplifting, happy, modern and danceable, appealing to young and old. The pieces played are multi part, multi section pieces.

Marimba workshop with the Noosa Montessori school

NiZaMi is a 5 piece marimba band, consisting of 3 marimba players, a bass guitarist and a drummer. The pieces played are originals, composed by Linsey Pollak and marimba player Zaia Kendall.

After the performance, a workshop space will be set up and workshops are run by 1, 2 or 3 of the marimba players. We recommend around 1 marimba teacher for every 8 – 10 players if the participants are under 15. All three marimba workshop teachers have blue cards. For classes age 15 and over one teacher can cater for up to 30 students. Workshops can also be run independently of the performance.

Marimba workshop
Marimba workshop at the QUT gallery, February 2020

There will be several three octave marimbas and a bass marimba available. It is possible to fit 5 or 6 players on each of the 3 octave marimbas, but 3 players per marimba is preferred. The bass marimba can have 2 players. We can have a maximum of 30 players at a workshop. Multiple workshops can be run if needed. A workshop can be 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours (1 1/2 hours recommended).

Marimbas are happy sounding, easy to learn melodic percussion instruments. The keys are made from wood, and the sound is natural and warm. As the marimbas are diatonic and the notes are written on each key as a letter, the marimba is easy to learn for people of all ages. Due to the ease of learning and the speed with which a simple piece can be played by a group, marimbas are especially suitable to children and adults with little to no prior music playing ability. Within an hour workshop, participants will be able to play a simple multipart piece together, generating a feeling of community, focus and satisfaction.

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